Warren Oil using Tracers

Nov 16, 2002
As an independent compound blender of lube oils, Warren says it knows "we can produce a product that satisfies all the requirements of API and the manufacturers of the equipment. We are totally dedicated to producing products that will perform the same as Shell, Pennzoil, Castrol or any major. Warren Oil Company enjoys competing with the majors but we know we must have a superior product if we are to endure long term. We do not and will not align ourselves with manufacturers who use less additive treat than is required or an additive package that has never been tested, qualified, or certified. The difference in our cost and that of a major is that reflected by savings in labor, overhead, efficiencies, no national advertising program, and the fact that the C.E.O. of this company can still drive a forklift." Irvin Warren told JobbersWorld "If an independent manufacturer is to survive long term, it must produce quality product, even using the majors as a standard. I believe the majors and reputable independent manufacturers can and will co-exist as long as the independents produce quality products. Finally, manufacturers cheating or compromising formulas will experience temporary profit and growth but will ultimately end in failure like many who are not in business today."