Want to stockpile some GC, but I have some concerns.....

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May 25, 2004
I have a question on storing oil for an extended period of time. Does it ever go bad? I went to the Mobil site and it reads that oil will remain "good" for up to 3 years given that it's stored in a a constant temperature setting. I'm just afraid the oil going bad if I have it stored for more than a few years. Given that the Green GC is already atleast 2 years old (production years 03 and 04), that doesn't leave a lot of storage time. Do I have cause for concern? [ November 04, 2005, 07:40 PM: Message edited by: volkl23 ]
I think your concern is reasonable...I also think Mobil is probably being conservative, choosing to err on the side of caution (and corporate protection [Big Grin] ). I've still got 02 vintage and I intend to use it, but I am not RECOMMENDING that, just telling you what I am doing.
I've used 10 year old synthetic oil and 8 year old dino oil with no problems. Its oil not milk is my feeling.
5-7 years... longer if you don't mind a little fall-out... I've got some that I'd have to go back to last century... every blend is different
If it only lasts 3 years then I'll have to let Wal-Mart know there selling oil that's not any good. Today I noticed some 10W40 Havoline on the shelf with the date 061903. I dunno maybe I can get it for FREE.
I bet part of the reason is because of oil ratings and engine requirements. API and such changes every few years and it takes a couple more for most car makers to require that rating. My 2004 Hyundai Elantra states it needs a minimum SH oil rating, but most 2004 models are SJ, some even SL minimum. SO if you have "old" oil on the shelf and use it in a new car, you could void your warranty. Me, I have over 100 qts of oil, some are 2-3 yrs old already and it will be 2-3 years before they are used and I have no issues with it.
Alright! Thanks for the reassurance guys. Just went out and got myself 2 cases of 04 vintage GC! Can't wait to put it in My Subaru WRX STi [Smile]
could think of it this way. look at how long crude oil stays in the ground. so this point I would say whats a few years in the bottle. I dont know what additives they add to the oil will hold up over a X amount of years on the shelf. could always send a sample in to have it tested to see if any detiroation (SP) has happen. but I would doubt any prob would accure. after all its GC and made by the lil elves.
Originally posted by volkl23: Alright! Thanks for the reassurance guys. Just went out and got myself 2 cases of 04 vintage GC! Can't wait to put it in My Subaru WRX STi
Excellent choice for your STi, I've been running "green" GC in my STi now for about 3,500 miles (out of a planned 5,000 mile OCI). [Cheers!]
I think sometimes you've got to realize that you have a REALLY special oil on your hands and maybe it will be quite a while before someone produces something you will like better. If someone doesn't think their oil fits that case, it probably doesn't make sense to stock up.
I just got another 2 cases making my collection I acquired this weekend to 5! The best part was that I got them all for $3.99/qt! All of them were 04s. There were a few 01s, but with the yellow label so I didn't touch those. I am finding a lot of M0512. Are they green? I wasn't sure if it had to be M0501 for it to be good.
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