Walmart supertech supplier now mobil1 ?

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Apr 18, 2004
Saginaw, MI
Walmart changed their 1 quart bottle design, then about a month later changed it again, when I look on the bottom of the new supertech bottles, I see a mobil1 emblem? Pretty good indication that the new supplier is Mobil1 ? I'm guessing its like their drive clean but with a slightly weaker add pack. Heres some pics.  -  -  -  -  -
Somewhere, I think it was here, I saw a list of the numbers on the oil containers that tells exactly what refinery it came from, if you can dig that up you will know for sure.
Google is your friend.  - From the web site:
Consolidated Container Company (CCC) produces a wide range of packages serving the automotive care market. Our products include packages for motor oil, fuel additives, brake fluid, antifreeze, lubricants, and degreasers, among others. We offer material diversity and technical expertise so that these products can be made from the plastic resin best suited for the product.
But no WPP. Maybe the change didn't happen with the new color scheme as predicted? -T
Good pictures! Is the oil visually the same color from each bottle style? The bottle profile & cap closure are now the same as Mobil DC & Exxon Superflo. This new Supertech bottle design can be filled & capped on the same automated packaging line as CCC uses for Mobil DC. CCC may also package Superflo, I just haven't found a red bottle with CCC. A32 on the bottom of the bottle is the mold cavity number. If anyone finds a red Exxon Superflo CCC bottle with A32, than the bottles for the 2 product lines are coming from the same blow molding press!
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