Walmart prices still the best

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Apr 11, 2003
Spring HIll
Visited AutoZone today and I'm still shocked that they want $9.29 for 4qt jug of PZ dino. $9.69 for a gallon of Castrol dino.

Walmart commands around $10 for 5 quarts, depending on which store you frequent.

I'm glad I stocked up when oil was a $1/qt, or even less.
Havoline is $ 1.25 a Quart at Fleet Farm !!!

Even though I've been using Synthetic, I bought a case for Emergency back-up !
Walmart has changed the way they stock their shelves. Was told they don't want backup stock on site. Only after the shelves are emptied of a certain brand they will re-order. At least this is what happens at my local store.
Was at walmart yesterday and they had 5 quart jugs of pennzoil for 9.99. I don't use pennzoil so I had to pass. They did have 5 quart jugs of motorcraft semi-syn for 9.52, which I think is a better deal.
That's exactly what i bought my MC jug for. What i did notice at wally's was that M1 5w20 was 55cents more than 5w30. I don't use M1 but i thought that was odd.
It depends on if a retailer wants to sell oil as a loss leader/doorbuster. Walmart seems to have the best everyday low price. If I didn't have such a stash I'd get supplies for one change at a time there.

Oddly, rite-aid is the only place around here that seems to sell oil below cost with any regularity. They've also given me (free after rebate) more power strips and extention cords than I know what to do with!

I figure Walmart's half-empty oil shelves is related to Katrina: The warehouses are empty, and each store is getting "Just-in-time" delivery. 5w30 was really hard to come by in any brand last fall.

WM is a good place to watch trends, as they move enough product and keep a (presumably) relatively low margin one can get an idea on the "wholesale" price of oil.
My wally world stays pretty well stocked on what they carry. If they are out you usually just have to ask someone to get what you are looking for out of the stock room. I usually just looking for the 5 qt Mobil one now. I have a very ample supply of Motorcraft that was purchased before they quit carrying for a few months. Got 5 cases on clearance for $1.25 per quart. Also bought a lot of the Havoline synthetic and Max Life synthetic from Autozone when they clearanced that stuff. All of that is for my truck and old Mustang. Always used to Mobil 1 in the wife's Explorer. Bought 2 five quart jugs just the other day so I would have it on hand. I must be an oilaholic.....
I feel sorry for all you easterners (no, that's not an invitation to make the west into the east). Out this way, if you have something against using coupons in the paper or rebate forms then I suppose the evil empire is a competitively-priced oil outlet. If you are not thus encumbered, they are among the more expensive places to buy oil.

Havoline is $ 1.25 a Quart at Fleet Farm !!!

Only this week man

so stock up, i know i am
I heard today that there is a WalMart within 15 miles of 90% of the population of the U.S. Seems to be the place America shops.
ha, I buy oil on closeout which gave me a four year supply of oil and have enough free oil filters to last for many years. I haven't bought oil at walmart since I've been member of this great site. I thought I was saving money at walmart before but this site saves me more.
In my neck of the woods its pretty much truth that if oil is cheaper, then the filters are higher at an establishment, and vice versa.

Walmart is usually the best on oil and filters (not by much).

I buy oil on closeout which gave me a four year supply of oil and have enough free oil filters to last for many years.

When you see an awesome deal on oil, jump on it.

I'm up to 130 quarts, not because I like to buy so much oil......cause I save $$$ in the long run to stock up (plus i'm cheap
) Here is some oil the oil I bought this past year.

Mobil 1 ($1.99 qt) PepBoys buy 3,get 3 free coupon
Havoline Synthetic ($1) AutoZone clearance SL GF-3
SuperTech Synthetic ($1) Walmart clearance SL
Exxon Superflo (65 cents) SM GF4 Exxon rebate
Citgo Supergard (50 cents) PepBoys clearance SL
Havoline dino (50 cents) Family Dollar store closing SL
JK -

Ya gotta love Fleet Farm.

We call it the "Man's Mall" !

$ 1.25 Qt for Havoline is a great deal - I stocked up even though I run synthetic.

Ya never know when $H_t hits the fan and we'll have plenty of oil !!!
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