Walmart Liberator vs Land Terrain?

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Jun 10, 2002
North Carolina
I am looking for any experience good or bad with these Walmart tires.. Our 95 s10 4x4 Blazer has 175k miles on it now. Michelin LTX tires have served very well (105k miles on them) but they are getting near the wear bars and have seen about 7 years go by... I can't justify getting another set of the Michelins at this point but I heartily recommend them to anybody interested in them. We are planning on keeping the Blazer, therefore, I am leaning toward the Land Terrains because they are rated at 50k miles vs 40k.... But that is the question....are they worth the difference ? I have seen mostly good notes on both I'm looking for some newer experiences.... (I am happy with the BFG/Michelin bunch..I also got 86k miles on my BFG All-Terrains on my ZR2 truck) Anybody? Thanks for any input Rando
I bought the Land Terrains about two years ago. They are nothing more than a highway tire. After driving them one time thru the snow, with minimal traction I went back to Wal-Mart and got loud with the TLE manager, and he allowed me to swap them with the Liberators and refunded the difference. The Liberators are 100% better off-road. I have 25000 miles on them now, and it looks as if I'm half way thru the treadlife. The Libeartors are much better.
Very interesting, Thankyou. Looking for more! Maybe I'll be able to save some $$$$, and only replace if vehicle still in service 50k miles later.. Thanks, and looking for more! Rando The Liberators ride good on the road too? [ March 26, 2005, 08:17 PM: Message edited by: ZR2RANDO ]
I disagree with them being a rain tire, I have them on a F-150 4wd. and they are the 4th. set of tires I have had on there, the first 3 sets were different goodyear brands and they all sucked, the BFG made this truck ride better than when it was new. I don't go off road much but, I don't have to put the truck in 4 wheel low to get up the boat ramp like I use to have to do.
I have the BFG Land Terrains on my Ranger. I love them. I upgraded from P235/75-15 Goodyears to 31x10.5R15 Land Terrains. The ride is 100% better, even being a LT tire. The traction is good on and off road (I haven't been through any deep mud, but basic off road stuff). For the money, I like the Land Terrains but I have also heard good things about the Liberators as well. If I remember right, the Liberators are a little cheaper [I dont know] Brian
That was a big jump in tire size, do you think you like the new size or the new tires? The "LT" designation (construction) may also help the tires last longer too [Smile] They wearing good?
The Liberators are a great deal. The Land terrains seem to be OK, but they don't last very long. BTW, they are both made by the same company. -T
Originally posted by ZR2RANDO: That was a big jump in tire size, do you think you like the new size or the new tires? The "LT" designation (construction) may also help the tires last longer too [Smile] They wearing good?
They are wearing great. The funny thing is, going from a 29" to 31" tire and checked with my GPS, my speedo is right on. It was off before the swap quite a bit. It makes my litte truck look tough. My wife says it looks like a Tonka toy [I dont know] Brian
Great!, sounds like they should have been there in the first place? Pay some extra attention to the suspension joints with grease..those bigger tires will be harder on those joints. How many miles on the older tires? and on the new ones so far?
I had about 5K on the factory Goodyears. I had a blowout and pulled them off. I sold the three "good" ones to a used tire place for about $5.00 each. I've had the BFGs on for about 7K so far, with one 1K round trip on them. I can't even see any wear on them at all (granted 7K is not very much). This truck feels like it was made for this size tire! I have to say that I couldn't be any happier than I am with these tires. Brian
I have a set of Land Terrains on my 4X4 Dakota, size 31-10.50-15.They have a very deep tread and have a softer ride than the Goodyear Wranglers they replaced.I don`t have many miles on them but we`ve had a couple snows and they have much better traction than the old ones.So far I am pleased.
I had a set of Liberators on my last 89 Ford 1/2 ton...absolutely awful tires. Hydroplaned in water all the time, and forget about driving in the snow...I could not get out of my driveway in 2" of snow....I sold the truck and the buyer was excited about the almost new tires...I warned him that he may want to replace them asap...saved a few bucks and took my life in my hands!!! Now I have Michelins on my and learn!!!
I had some BFG Land Terrains on my old cherokee for a little while. I traded it in before I could get a ton of miles on them. They were decent tires... much better than the generals and goodyears I had in the past, but no where close to the bridgestone Revos I have on my grand cherokee. the Land Ts were decent in everything but off roading and they just plain didnt grip if there was even a little mud. They even got me through most of an Erie, PA winter... as long as I had 300lbs of concrete in the back... which wasnt unusual for that XJ Cherokee... I think I paid 400 for everything on the BFG laand terrains. Not too bad a price I guess, but I'll take my Revos anyday.
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