Wallyworld home delivery of oil

Nov 25, 2014
I've been buying oil online for home delivery and have had positive experiences so far. The choices are good and synthetic blends like Chevron/ Havoline and other jugs go for a decent price. Somewhere around 14-16 bucks. I get free delivery when buying two jugs and a filter. My truck uses a lot of oil, about a quart every time I drive it somewhere (100 miles). I figure it's valve seals. It doesn't smoke or leak. it's ok since I don't drive it much.
A quart every 100 miles and it doesn't smoke? That's about a "mix ratio" of 20:1 in the 2-stoke world. Coast with the throttle fully closed down a long hill to create a high manifold vacuum. Then at the bottom of the hill punch it hard. If you see a bunch of smoke then it's valve guide seals.