Wally World Low Price for Pennzoil!

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Aug 22, 2002
Kansas City
I've been lamenting for the past several months that I've been having a hard time finding the Chevron-based Havoline 5-30 and 10-30 dino in my neck of the woods; I used to find it at Wally World and Target everyday for under $1.20/ea. Now Target does not stock Havoline and is predominately Pennzoil, and a couple months ago had a great sale for it at under $1.00/qt. They now sell for $1.60+. Seems really hard to find Chevron/Havoline around here anymore, unless I wanna pay $1.7+. I got lucky this past weekend and found a very limited supply of my Havoline at Wally World for $1.17, [Wink] but I also noticed the 5 qt. jug of Pennzoil for something just under $6.50 (can't remember exact price). That's very good for what appeared to be an everyday price. I will tend to use the Chevron-based Havoline when I can find it, but my fall back is Pennzoil, so hope it continues to be cost competitive.
Do we know - is the ChevronTexaco Havoline the same as the Chevron Supreme in performance (at a somewhat higher price?). I have to admit the convenience of the Pennzoil 5QT at Walmart makes it pretty attractive, and drops your unit cost to $1.30 a qt (vs 1.79 for the qt bottles). Not like you'll be able to retire on the money you save but it's nice only having to open one bottle [Happy]
Pennzoil also has a hefty dose of boron too, something pretty rare in a low cost oil! If I were to ever use a dino oil, it would most likely be Pennzoil. [ July 08, 2003, 08:14 PM: Message edited by: Patman ]
Can't say for certain, but I believe the Havoline/Chevron is comparable (equal) in most specs to the Chevron Supreme - which is not readily available at Wallys, Target, etc. in our metro area. If I remember, too, the Chevron (and Havoline/Chevron) has garnered slightly higher overall favorable opinion ratings than Pennzoil in historical posts here. But for most intents and purposes, between the two I think it comes down to hair splitting. When I can find it, I think the Havoline/Chevron is a "best buy" dino oil for under $1.2/qt. Even though convenient for oil change time, the downside to the 5 qt. jugs for Pennzoil (or any brand) is that you don't have individual quarts to carry along on long trips, etc. Cheers...
Yeah Sprintman, I already had the Pennzoil in the basket but I put it back and bought nothing.I've used it on the last 2 changes. I have a S/T filter in stock for the oil change. That was a good thing as Wally offered nothing but Frams for my cars. I have a buddy in auto parts that gets me AC delco for 3 bucks so I worry a lot for nothing. [I dont know]
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