Wal-Mart does not carry new Mobil 1 10W-40 Extended Protection

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Aug 22, 2004
Jacksonville, FL
I was hoping to try this in my 1997 LX450 (Land Cruiser with inline 6)but my Wal-Mart only seems to carry the 10w-30 and the 15W-50. I am currently using Truck and SUV and may just keep using it since I can't get the new 10W-40 for a good Wal-Mart 5 quart price.

My question is could you mix 15W-50 and 10W-30 extended protection and get close to the same mix as the 10W-40 Extended protection? I wonder if the 10W-40 is a different blend then the others as Mobil 1 says (on their web site)it is good for higher milleage engines and the 10W-30 and 15W-50 do not mention this???

Thanks for the help

Do they cary the Extended Protection fully synthetic 10W-40 or just the dino version that is good for 5k per their label? I found the dino vertion but not the Extended Protection version good for 15K.

Give it a while, they'll probably get to it. Last I was there they were switching a lot of oils around. I was at the local K-Mart yesterday, looks like they have **** near all the oil on clearance except Mobil 1 (drat!).
I found it at AutoZone for just over $5 a quart so I am going to give it a try (10W-40 Extended Protection).

Thanks for the help.

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