VW Castrol 5w-40 Syntec

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Jun 18, 2002
I have searched the boards and found a few topics on this oil. It was thought that this oil may be Group IV / PAO base since it is made in Belguim.

I purchased some today for $4.89 per qt at the dealer. Sounded cheap to me.

Is this stuff similar to the German 0w-30 Syntec that is appearing in the US? Is it a true synthetic and not a GroupIII Base?

im gonna say it "might" be a real synthetic as most stuff in Europe of the 5w-40 grade is. w/ the exception of BP Visco 5000 5w-40. ITs prolly basestock from one of a few companies:

1.Fina (used to be Belgiam co. now owned by total)
2.Total (My number one gut feeling says total)
3.Aral (german oil co. prolly sells base stock to Castrol for its german 0w-30 syntec/SLX as their syn. oil is green coloured too.)

However, can you take a picture of the bottle for us and post it? Also, does the bottle look like a syntec bottle or any other castrol product?
Scott, get an analysis done on it. Your engine could spare a few ounces, and we'd all benefit from the data.
I contacted Castrol Customer service a few days ago and if they ever respond to me I will post the specs for this oil and also the 5W-30 A3/B3 synthetic oil as soon as I have the info.

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Since this is sold at VW dealers, it's probably Castrol's 505 01 5w40. Click here and scroll down to see this oil. My guess is that it's a Group III/Group V blend.

This oil is a well known quantity over at the VW TDI Forums ...it's a Group III basestock with a pour point of approx -45F. The additive package is quite good however, with about 4000 ppm of calcium and about 40 ppm of Mg. It also has a healthy level of ZDDP and a small amount of moly as I recall, with a TBN of approx 11. Viscosity is about 12.8 Cst @ 100C, so it barely qualifies as a 40wt. High temp/high shear viscosity is 3.6 Cp @ 150C, ie about like the Mobil 1, 0w-40.

Castrol came out with this formulation specifically to meet the VW 502/505 and ACEA A3/B4 specifications. The 5w-30 Syntec that VW dealers were previously using did not meet either of these specifications.

Saw this oil yesterday for the first time at a local quick lube place...(for you local guys...at Erin Mills and Collegeway). As it says above...bottle said meets the 2 VW specs...502/5 and is A3 rated. The back also said "made N.A." as the other Castrol bottles so I don't know where somebody once posted that it was made by Petro Canada?....But, I agree...it's a close competitor to M-1's 0-40...
I guess my question would be "Why buy the Castrol 0-40 when there is a question as to whether its a PAO-when Mobil 1 is available at a cheaper price?" Unfortunately part of my concern is my natural bias against Castrol for their deceptive (although legal)marketing of the pretend synthetic oil.
Because both products exist, are excellent and are comparable. Yes, one is a group III and the other a PAO.

We've seen comparable results from tests of both groups. Neither one alone would suffice as a lube. This means it's up to the respective addative packages.

So what I'll leave you with is try both and then decide which is a better product for you...
Chris, then sue them yourself. After all, this is America. If you believe you are being 'wronged' then go for it! Remember the lady that spilt McDonalds coffee on her lap in the drive-thru and then sued? Well she believed she was wronged and won $2 mil.

So, all I'm saying is people with a whole lot more knowledge about oil (composition, fabrication and make-up) than us made the decision to allow Group III's to be called "synthetic" and we must abide by this decision until it is decided otherwise. If you believe otherwise, then go for it. Just make sure you have more money than Exxon-Mobil because apparently, they coulnd't prove they were wronged...and they're case would set precidence for the aformentioned reasons. Until then it stands that Group III, PAO and Ester base oils are "synthetic".
Okay people, im anal so bear w/ me here! Castrol's claim about synthetics are NOT legal in the true sense of the term!!! They did NOT go before a State, or Federal court, a judge with jurisdiction did not rule on this case and there have been NO laws passed siding with Castrol ont his issue.

They went (drug there by Mobil) to the Advertising marketing board and the case was made there. When Mobil lost they could have then taken their case to a REAL court and sued, although they said they didnt wish to persue legal matter in the case, although they could have.

All im saying is, we should try to not say that what Castrol does 'is' legal as its not factually correct. all that the marketing board's decision does for Castrol is to "help" their case if they went before a judge/jury because they could say that this "industry marketing board" previously agreed with Castrol. Its then up to the jury or judge to decide if they are within legal marketing definitions.

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