VW cabin pollen filter ~ 20,000 miles (32186km)

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Mar 6, 2004
This is the first time I changed the cabin/pollen filter. The manual says change that at 20,000 miles. This is the original factory filter. Its been about 3 years. I drive mostly city and freeway. No dusty roads or anything. Taking the filter cover out was easy. But putting the cover back on the car took a while. So I say don't rush to put it in, you have to find the right angle. I cracked mine a bit so be careful when you put it back in. I replaced it with a NAPA cabin filter. New one is white color. I noticed that the old one was also heavier too so guess it trapped a lot of stuff. Enjoy the pictures.  -  -
I replaced my VW cabin filter when I got the car(28k).It was quite nasty,very similar to what's pictured above. These things almost need to be changed out at leat every 2 years. BTW VAG model uses charcoal on the filter to help eliminate odors.
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