VW/Audi vehicles and flexible service intervals

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Jun 2, 2003
This concerns VW/Audi cars with a flexible service interval display. I found this info on some other site. Here is the translated summary: In the gas engines, the oil temperature, the distance driven, and the fuel consumption are measured every 3 seconds. That data is used to calculate engine wear, thermal stress, and thus remaining miles until the next oil change. I dont think I'd trust that. [Razz]
Originally posted by moribundman: I dont think I'd trust that. [Razz]
I never even look at mine. In fact, I've never even reset the service indicator, it still says "service" every time I start the car. [Roll Eyes]
PaJohn , the Audis in the US do not have the variable service interval capabilities, only some Audis in Europe do. In the US, it's pretty much a simple counter from 10K miles to 0. It may also take RPMs into account, but that's about it. Mori , yeah, this doesn't sound very scientific to me either. There are also specific long-life oils that MUST be used while on the variable service interval. I think Castrol SLX is one of them.
Yes, Pete, they do demand use of special oils. Those must be the VW 503.00 spec oils with the low HT/HS, which would ruin my engine. I've been looking around on a big German car forum, and the extended drain intervals seem not to be questioned by anyone. Only time will tell where all this is going.... [Off Topic!] (<---That shouldn't be an angry face!) Pete, you're back home? Glad you made it in one piece. Is your A4 still on the ship? [Smile] Oh, maybe you should give Lubro Moly 5W-40 a shot in your 1.8T. I hear it's widely available in Europe. I'm going to try it in my 2.8 next time.
[Off Topic!] Yup, I'm back now, just waiting for the car which will get here in another another 3 weeks or so. I miss it. As far as oil, I will try to have my M1 0w-40 analyzed at some point to see how it's doing before I make a switch to something else. After all, there are a few really good looking UOAs of this oil in 1.8T engines in the archives, too. [Wink]
I have a 2001 Audi A4 (2.8L V6). I am adhereing to the Audi service interval of 10,000 miles and will have the oil analyzed when I hit 30,000 miles; will report the results. I purchased Mobil 1 5W30 and had the dealership do the oil change. This particular dealership uses Castrol GTX 5W30 (dino oil) for the 10,000 mile interval for all of their cars. BTW, if I have to top it off at all, I will be using Mobil 1 10W30.
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