VW 1.8T Oil Report - M1 5W-50 on 23,500 Mi rebuild

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May 31, 2006
Ont, Canada
Hi gents, this post is a follow up on my last oil report linked here. I'm pleased with the results given that my car is a highly modified one pushing 350whp daily driven miles. I think from now on this will be my preferred choice of motor oil. Don R
Wear is fine, but the oil sheared to a low 40wt in 5000 miles. As I've said multiple times, ANY 0w-40 or 5w-50 will shear like crazy in a turbocharged motor. In this case however, the oil is still plenty thick for the application. The only concern I'd have in using a 5w-50 here is that the large amount of VI modifier needed to make an SAE 5w-50 can contribute to high temp deposits in a turbo motor. TS
Thanks for the response. I'm not versed enough with motor oil engineering terms, etc...etc...but should be suggested for my application and why would the oil cause hi-temp deposits? What indicates that it has sheared to a 40w? Thanks, Don R
Perhaps a candidate for GC? I use it to good effect in my non-modified 1.8T combined with a trash-can sized Napa Gold (Wix) filter... John.
You can use this chart to check weight vs. SUS viscosity. Your SUS was 72, which is on the lower end of a 40wt. and very close to a 30wt, especially considering where it started from.
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