VW 1.8T drivers; What kind of gas mileage are you getting?

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Jan 6, 2005
On my last few tankfulls, I've only managed to get approx. 27 mpg in my '00 VW GTI 1.8T. But I also had my foot in it a little too much.

Since I filled the GTI's tank on Sunday afternoon, I have strictly adhered to all posted speed limits, & have barely broken 3k RPM. I'm bound & determined to squeeze 30 mpg out of this tank.

Are any of you VW 1.8T drivers getting 30 mpg or better?
My wife and I squeezed 33.5 MPG out of her 5 spd Jetta 1.8T on a recent trip. That was almost all highway though...no stop and go.

My method for the calculation for gallons used... fill up tank, reset odometer. When we stopped for gas, I filled the tank back up (first time the pump stops) and assumed that was the gallons used. Then divided miles by gallons.

The one variable I am unsure of is the pumps themselves. I don't know if there is a big difference in the sensors used to stopped the gas pump from pumping - station to station. This could change the MPG calculation if each pump does not fill the car back up to the same gas level.
Audi TT, quattro roadster - a very hefty 3450 lbs!

26 mpg in twenty mile daily commute - mainly 55-80 mph on rural two lanes and Hwy 231 into HSV.

30-32 on the highway @ 80 mph, with either the top down or the top up and AC on....

Generally run Amoco 93 octane, or Shell V-Power.

FWIW, I've been running 89 Octane in my '00 1.8T. VWOA said it would be perfectly acceptable to run 89 Octane in my car.

Would I get noticeably better gas mileage if I switched to 93 Octane?
Yes, the knock sensor will optimize the timing for the actual octane of the gas you're burning, resulting in better fuel economy with higher octane gas.

Running lower octane will work, and under most driving conditions you will get no knocking, but considering the percent price differential between 93 and 89 octane is less than ever, it would be foolish economy to run lower-than-specified octane.
2000 Passat 1.8T 5 speed, daily commuting 100 miles a day mostly suburban rural cruise speed of 65-72 mph I would get about 32 mpg over the tank using the miles/gallons method. Computer would be indicating 34.5 mpg average.

Best ever was a 4000 mile trip to Colorado, Utah Arizona and New Mexico. All highway miles, driven in March so no AC, most of the time about 65 mph except when on Interstates. Made 38 mpg on that trip with my wife and the car completely filled from the trunk to the back seat.

I do drive conservatively with a goal of maximizing the mpg though.
Our '03 Passat 1.8T Tip would guzzle with mixed city highway and was only getting about 22-23MPG. However on long roadtrips 33-34MPG was not out of the ordinary and that was at 75-85MPH.

My TDI seems to always get 40MPG +/-1 MPG no matter what the driving conditions, however on my long roadtrips where the MPG should get better I cruise at 85MPH so maybe that has something to do with it.

I filled the VW up again this morning. I got exactly 30 mpg on that tank.
That was on 89 octane, no speeding & I never pushed it above 3500 RPM at any time......I even got the 1-finger salute from another driver on one occasion for driving the posted speed limit.

This morning when I filled up, I put in 93 octane. I bought the gas from the same station as the last fill-up. I even used the exact same pump.

I will try to duplicate my driving conditions from the last tankfull, & post my mpg results for this tank. I'm hoping for 32 mpg, but that may be asking too much. My car is a 4-spd. automatic. Oh well, wish me luck.

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I have an APR-chipped '98 A4TQM, and the best I can do is 24 mpg, driving 75-80mph hiway miles. not too good...AWD drivetrain drag probably doesn't help either.
Dang,I thought the 1.8T was supposed to get better MPG's than the VR6
.I consistently hit 31-33 mpg's with AC and 33 to 35 mpg's without AC when driving conservatively(some coasting thrown in).

I'm especially proud
of the 35.3 mpg's i've gotten on many occasions because that's 7 mpg's over the EPA's rated 28 mpg's on the highway!
BTW,I've gotten that using both Syntec 5W50 and M1 0W40.The VR6 likey thick oils
Usually I get 260 or so on a full tank. Filling about 13-13.5 gallons on my GTI 1.8T. However with V-Power and Fuel Power I see 300-310.

Anyway, anywhere between 20-23mpg. 99% city driving.
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