volvo 240 dl

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Apr 7, 2003
la jolla, ca
hey guys my buddy has a 1990 volvo 240 dl which has the 2.3 inline 4 i believe. he has 150k miles appx. and he wants to start doing his own oil changes but he doesn't have an owners manual so he doesn't know how much oil it takes and what weight should be used...we live in san diego so its mild year around, does anyone have any info on these cars? thanks for your time
To find the oil capacity, I go to autozone's website and you can find info on the capacity and the weight. I did the research for you and for the Volvo 240DL, they say 4 quarts including filter. As for oil type/weight, you can use castrol or mobil oil finder. Mobil 1 oil finder says 15W-40 for above 0F and 5W-30 below 68F. Castrol oil finder showed no information available. Yeah Mann filters are a great choice. But those you'll have to get online or something. I think Bosch, NAPA or Puralator are also good.
If it were mine: Given this vehicles age, mileage, and driving conditions/climate, I'd recommend a 15w-40, such as Mobil Delvac 1300...available at Wal-Mart for $6 a gallon.
Of the 3 Volvo 4's I have had, they all seem to like both 10WXX and 15WXX oils, mine seemed to rev just a little more freely on a 10, but be a touch quieter on a 15. The Volvo 4's rarely use oil unless they are really stuffed, so it's rare to have to use thicker oils to deal with that. Mann filters are the only way to go, and the easiest to get on and off on some models due to tight clearance around the filter location.
Like others, I recommend MANN filters -- they are cheap and of outstanding quality. If you don't want to go mail order, get ACDelco PF13 from a local store. 15W-40 seems to work best, although be careful with diesel oils. If the car burns oil, diesel oil can damage the catalytic converter. While performing his own oil changes, your buddy should also keep an eye on the flame trap. That should be inspected and cleaned out periodically. If the flame trap is plugged, the seals can blow out, which most often causes a massive oil leak, loss of pressure and engine damage.
Volvo OEM = Mann Good point about the flame trap - but since switching to synthetic years back my flame traps stay nice and clean. I just noticed you live in San Diego, for sure 15W-40 will be the ticket. These red block, high Ni engines don't need a XW-50.
Drain plug is 25mm but I've used the same 1" standard socket on my 85 wagon for the past 8 years.....close enough I guess. [Cheers!]
will a 50 weight oil cause any problems? also...we had a 76 240 2.3L go over 475,000 miles with hasting filters. then we gave it to my brother and my brother sold it after he used it. The car is still out there on the original engine.
mormit 25mm or 1"...sounds like BB!! [Big Grin] But it really is 25mm....unless you switch to the IPD magnet plug, which really is 1"! A synthetic XW-50 would work fine, but no need really for such a thick oil. A dino 20W-50 oil is loaded with too many thickeners for my liking. Hastings filters are fine on a Volvo, I just like Mann.
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