Volkswagen and Castrol

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Feb 8, 2004
Huntsville, AL
Found this on the web, which looks like what VW uses for factory fills - Looks like they used 0/5w-40 almost exclusively for engines. Today I looked at a bottle of gear oil for my Passat (G 052 911 A1) at the dealership and it looks just like the pictures on the web of Castrol's TAF-X. It was .5 liters and $24. The G50 (G 005 000) oil which has been around for a while was only $21 for a quart and looks like a bargin compared to the new stuff. I'm guessing it has some of the same ester's that's in GC as I read somewhere on the web that it's a polymer free gear oil. VW is calling it a lifetime oil with no schedualed changes, on topping off. It's viscosity spread is 73/14.4 @ 40/100 degrees which is pretty wide and has a VI of 206, if I remember right.
Castrol & Fuchs used to be VW factory fill (don't know if they still are). The majority of gas engines used to be 0W-30 and diesels 5W-40. However, with the introduction of VW 504 & 507 oil specifications the majority gas & diesel will now probably be 5W-30 factory fill with only the high power gas & PD engines on 5W-40.
Originally posted by norwegian oil: You're looking at a Castrol web site that has nothing to do with VAG, no wonder they use Castrol oil.
Yeah, this just looks like Castrol's own recommendation for various VAG engines. Similar to a recommendation that you'd get if you punched in your car details on for example. I wouldn't assume these are factory fills. FWIW, the owner's manual for my 1.8T noted that the factory fill was a 0w-30 oil. Given Castrol's strong ties with VAG and a limited number of 0w-30 type oils in Europe, one could presume it was Castrol SLX, alas that's just speculation on my part.
Pete, you are probably right since the VW dealers sell GC,BC and 505.01 at the parts counter and use it in the service dept.
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