VOA's of 22 oils published in SportRider

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Jan 18, 2003
An Alberta Garage
Sport Rider magazine by Primedia has just published an extensive set of comparison VOA lab test of 22 oils in their October issue. They can be visited on-line at sportrider.com.
I have the article in hard copy (son bougth the magazine). At the ensd of the article it says for more information visit www.sportrider.com/0310
I went there but cannot locate the link to the oil article. It is a 2 part article with part 1 apparently appearing in the August issue.

BTW, Mobil1 performed quite well including the "tapered roller shear test".
It's not a bad article. Most of the tests in the article they only ran on a couple of oils, but the comparative spectrographs were interesting. It certainly showed there was nothing special about Honda HP4, and that mc formulas are indeed different than auto.

Cheers, 3MP
Not trying to slam any brand of oil here but did you guys see the four-ball wear test that was performed on three different oils? The Amatuzio brand didn't smoke anybody like their bottles advertise. However, the magazine said that the oil did perform as stated.

I couldn't get this article on the web either so I made a trip to book store and grabbed a copy. I shouldn't have done that because now I have the fever again for a sport bike. I don't know how those things continue to keep getting faster and faster.
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