VOA: Mopar Type MS-9417 Manual Transaxle Lubricant

Far North East Texas
I had a virgin sample of this "liquid gold" analyzed by Schaeffer Labs back in Sept. '02. I thought I had posted it here at BITOG long ago, but can't find it by searching, & so post it here. BTW, the lab goofed the first time & had to re-do this test. This is the manual transaxle lubricant spec'ed by Chrysler for the manual NV-T350 transaxles in all 95-99 Neons. I believe they continued to use it through the 2001 model year, after that they switched to ATF-4. Copper: 6 Iron: 2 Chromium: 0 Aluminum: 2 Lead: 1 Moly: 2 Phosphorus: 1071 Zinc: 1109 Magnesium: 6245 Wow! Calcium: 151 No antifreeze, fuel, or water, of course Silicon: 4 Viscosity CST: 8.97 SAE: 20W This sample was from a sealed bottle I bought when I changed my trans fluid in August '02. I'll also post the results of of the factory fill trans fluid, drained & sampled at 116,000 miles.


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Iowegia - USA
This fluid is very similar to our SynchroGlide with a 100 C viscosity of approx. 9.1-9.3 cSt. It should do well in the Neon.