viscosity for a 00' 1.8T?

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Nov 18, 2002
Atlanta, GA
anyone have all the viscosity specs for this engine? is 15w-50 to high? i just bought a used one w/ 29,000miles on her and i LOVE this engine!! bummer is that i had JUST changed my old car's oil (a 02' Protege5) with german syntec and traded it in with less than 200miles on the oil! oh im about to use the last 4.5qts of german syntec in it for another change on monday. then Lubro-Moly 0w-40!

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This has been a bone of contention for some time among VW fans. In your owners manual it would recommend 5W40 and then say 5W30 was an acceptable alternative. The new manuals for these engines say 5W30 is acceptable for top off only, and that 10W40 is an alternative for 5W. I have gotten good used oil analyis from 5W30 syn and others get good ones from 40 weight oils. The oil your using is supposed to be top notch. Quite a few people here would be interested to see this oil tested.

It looks like from the previous post link, that Mobil 1 0w-40 is the most readily available on the shelf. AutoZone has it most readily available.

Chris, what part of the ATL do you live?

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not too terribly far from you-alpharetta actually.

So you moved to an SUV/Minivan haven? Me too, East Cobb is a mecca for that. I am going to have to buy a minivan is the next six to twelve months.

I started using extended drain synthetics two years ago, first Mobil 1 then Amsoil because I have a child to keep me busy and I don't miss changing oil in the dead of winter or summer (at least most of time).

Does the 1.8T have a high or low pressure turbo?
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