Virus Alert

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Sep 26, 2003
Pittsburgh, PA
This is for real but involves humor and entertainment. A while ago somebody posted a link to a gag site called It was pretty funny, but I went there today and got virus alerts out the ying-yang. So don't look there. That's why I didn't post it as a clickable URL.
You sure it's not your antivirus software going nuts? I've got AVG free edition 7.0.323 and I've gone through every section of that website, including the forums and I haven't received any virus warnings. Perhaps you already had a virus on your system?
Looking at the Norton logs I'm positive it came from there. I posted this on another board I belong to, several people there got the same warnings and a few didn't get any.
Geez, I bet if a naked woman walked up with an apple and said "Take a bite", you guys would do it, huh? [No no] [LOL!]
When you enter the forum, the browser tries to download a php file, which apears not to be a virus to me. It is a phpBB forum, which is a good forum software, but they must have modified it. Some "virus" scanners may throw an alert just for the file downloading.
Not open for further replies.