Video out into USB

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Jun 28, 2003
I have a FineVu CR500HD in car camera. FineVu CR-500HD Dash Cam It has a video out and a cord pictured below. I need the RCA to be a USB input. Anyone have any ideas? Is it possible? The other cord with it is a mini D shell to USB and will play the recorded video off the camera storage card but not real time.
That RCA wire sends analog signal. USB is digital. I don't think there's an easy way to bridge the two. I've never heard of outputting video signal into USB. I'm not aware of any video monitor/TV that would have a USB video input. You can send data/files over USB, but the target device is going to have to decode it and play it.
what exactly are you trying to do? it records onto a sd card.. you can plug those into a computer pretty easy? I'm at a loss of what you need usb input from an (analog rca?) for?
I'm guessing he wants to have a live video feed monitoring on his computer, like a webcam. Not gonna happen if your source is an analog RCA.
It will be for the single pin out at camera to male RCA to male RCA to USB.
The camera has a video out for real time monitoring. The first picture is the cord included with the camera. I want to see the video output on my laptop in real time. I can plug a USB to mini D shell cord into it to view what is on the memory card now.
So, two things here: 1. You will need a double female adapter to marry those two male RCA plugs. 2. Does that RCA to USB cable in your picture include some kind of an in-line converter box? As I mentioned before, you'll need something that will convert analog video to digital (RCA to USB). Just passing the signal won't work. Or at least I don't think it'll work. I may be wrong.
I have the RCA FxF. I guess I just have to wait for the slow boat from China to deliver and see.
Now that would got to convert it first somehow. It's like taking the optical digital out from your TV and plugging it into a 80's amplifier....they just don't do digital, but there are converters out there.
Got the first cord today and as expected it did not work. Found this though on Amazon.
The above worked as long as I power the camera with my jump battery from Anker. You can get the Analog to digital video converter for under $4, has full record functions and software. Anker battery. My son got me this for Christmas last year. It's quite handy at powering and recharging various devices. Charges from a USB port. Can use it to charge devices or just run them off of it.
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