*Vid* China Builds 30-Story Building In 15 Days!

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I didn't watch the clip, but I wonder what corners they had to cut. And I'm sure problems must have come up through the build, how much time did the engineers/architects get to solve those issues. I'd be wary about the longevity of that building.
If you watched the clip you would have seen the resources and awesome manpower they have to accomplish this. It's possible corners weren't cut?
Got an email at work the other day showing a Chinese apartment lying flat on it's face, after they tried to retrospectively dig a carpark next to it...piles had no reo, lucky to have a nest of chicken wire in them.
All of this,, and they still can't make a shower head that doesn't leak. I'll pass...
Back when I was a very young man, my father use to say (in essence) "Watch for China, they are a giant, and when they awake...". The giant has woken.
^ As someone told me, there is prediction that said: "Rising Dragon will take over the world". I can see it started to happen a decade ago. Everything made in China, and China lends money to everybody now, not otherwise.
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One way to slow China down would be to send them a few thousand lawyers and union delegates.....
I have seen houses here where I live go up in record time. My stepdaughter just moved into a new house that was built in less than a month. I looked at it when it was under construction, just framing and outside walls.......way...way overpriced for what she got....in my opinion. So construction like this bothers me....like in the video.
China is on the cusp of a real estate bubble. To keep it's internal economy churning and people employed, they have been building everywhere...including complete model cities...which have never (and never will be) been occupied. We're talking malls, office buildings and high-rise apartment buildings complete with infrastructure. In a lot of cases, the completed "ghost" cities and buildings have been razed after several years of sitting vacant only to be replaced with new buildings...which also sit vacant. If this is an example of good planning and utilization of resources I'm not impressed. In fairness, the Chinese have built several large (bridges, dams, buildings)projects in record time using complex and novel engineering and design elements. China is a force to be reckoned with alright but the "powers that be" have a vested interest in keeping the population satisfied...all 1.3 billion of them...even if they have to build useless projects and cities to do it.
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If you watched the clip you would have seen the resources and awesome manpower they have to accomplish this. It's possible corners weren't cut?
They have the labor and the infrastructure for projects like this. What they don't have is time to wait.
Was the 15 days an artificial goal? Bad things can happen when you try to meet artificial goals. I believe the Titanic was trying to set a record on its maiden voyage.
They have help. Most of these large residential towers got experts from Hong Kong where 60 stories residential complexes are everywhere. I'd not be surprised a huge percentage of the labors (i.e. supervisor, foreman, etc) are imported from Hong Kong and other large cities with decades of experience working with high rises. Also most new residences in China are sold without interior. You get a big open space with water inlet, gas inlet, electricity inlet, and plumbing outlet, that's all. You have to wire your own everything and if you factor these into construction time, I'd be surprised if you can raise a 30 story buildings in 15 days.
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