VI of GC??

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Jan 3, 2005
North Carolina
Does anyone know the VI of GC? I would like to use it to plot some viscosity points at different temperatures and graph it vs. other synthetics and dinos. I contributed to the Z-Oil report and the VI might be in the data we received, but that is on my home computer and I won't have access to it for a week or more. I did a search for VI + GC without success. Isn't it frustrating that Castrol gives on the minimum data on their product data sheets? All of the other oil companies give Viscosity Index and a lot more information. Thanks for the help.
According to the tests done by bruce381 the VI of The Green is 175 and of the Gold is 166.
I had a VOA done of GC from Wearcheck Canada and they gave me a VI of 180. It was from an M03 batch.
Thanks for the info. I am going to use both 175 and 166 and plot some viscosity curves. I is a sad thing to do with my rare spare time, but I am a scientist. I can't help it. [Cheers!]
As I remember the slope may not be linear over 100C and under 40C. you can only count on values between 100 and 40. Bruce
Castrol considers this data "proprietary." They wouldn't even give me the Noack Volatility. Somebody needs to wake these people up. I wonder if BP knows how poorly they appear? It's a joke!
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