Very pleased with switch to NetZero

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Sep 21, 2005
East Helena, Montana
My home computer's a Dell, about 5 years old, and runs Windows Millenium 2000. Since getting it, our ISP has been MSN. We've never been pleased with MSN. Too slow and we had consistent problems of numerous types. Last winter, after a nightmare experience trying to install the latest version of Norton Antivirus, we gave up on Norton and bought (from Staples) the Panda antivirus on the CD. Ever since installing the Panda antivirus we've had numerous, ever-increasing in type and amount, additional problems. It got to the point where neither of us used the computer much anymore (which we use almost solely for email and the Internet), because of the numerous problems of many types and operating speed slowness. Our connection, by the way, is a dial-up 56K modem. In our rural area the only hi-speed hookup available is HughesNet for $50 a month, which is too much for us to stomach. I took Wed. off last week, did Internet research on various ISP's, and bought NetZero and downloaded it over the Internet. It's $9.95 a month if you sign up for 12 months, and you get Norton antivirus, spam protection, and popup blocker as part of the package. We'd been paying $22 a month for MSN. I then uninstalled the Panda antivirus. I could hardly believe it. ALL the problems were instantly gone. Connection to the Internet was quick. The operating speed of the Internet was MUCH, MUCH faster than with MSN. It had been so slow with MSN that I couldn't stand to use the Internet at home. With NetZero it approachs the speed at which the Internet operates for me at work, where we have some sort of super high speed connection. I was really surprised at the internet operating speed. I don't usually plug products, but, at least for me, NetZero has performed way beyond my expectations, and for less than half the price of MSN. They also have a wizard you use when you switch ISP's. It transfers to your NetZero pages the favorites, emails, and email address book you had on your previous ISP site and notifies everyone in your address book of the switch in ISP's and your new address. If you keep the old ISP for 30 days it also transfers your emails during those 30 days from the old ISP to NetZero.
My father also switched from MSN to Netzero, and I wsan't nearly impressed. In addition to the porn spam he got all the time and their terrible tech support that helped him destroy his computer, my main dislike for MSN was the "special" dialer and browser. This makes it harder to setup and more to keep up to date. Turn out Netzero is the same way. You have to use their special dialer(which shows ads too) then after connecting it pops up an annoying bar(that you can't close) and automatically opens and internet explorer window(even if you have a different default browser). Terrible service IMO, you can usually get $10 dialup through your phone or electrical service without such hassles.
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