Verticle "Lambo" Door Kits

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Nov 26, 2002
Texas & BWI Area
Any comments on them?

PIA Factors?

Do they affect crash dynamics at all? In other words in T-Bone type impact is there any chance the aftermarket hinges can separate causing the door to enter the passenger cabin like a wall of projectile?

No I do not think they are ricey...actually quite cool then again as with most aftermarket items the headache factors keep me in line w/ stock
I'd imagine your weatherstripping wouldn't work as well. Maybe the day after but something would be getting more/less pressure than designed and wear out.
"Lambo doors"? Sounds like a mental midget's lame term for something that defies their limited imagination. And judging by the persons on that site, I would not be surprised if that is why that term was used.

Those are called "jackknife doors" to the best of my knowledge (which came from my uncle, who collected Italian sports cars); they aren't limited to the Lamborghini marque as far as I know.
Has anyone seen the photoshop pic of a Lamborghini fitted with "normal" doors ?

I laughed hard at that one, but didn't save it.
The hinge kits for the verticly swung doors are preety stout! The material used are heavier then what is used on OEM hinges. I doubt that anything could be any worse then most OEM hinges. Look at the materials used.

Look at how badly GM door hinges wear out. Any one with a GM truck has to know about the infamous door hing pin kit!! Pins and busching wear out all the time. Look at Chrysler early mini-vans and passenger ejection issues in the rear of the van due to poor hinge,striker or lock design!!!

I have not installed one of these kits but I would imagine the PIA factor has to be off the chart if you do not do them all the time! Adjusting a hinge on an OEM application to get the door to hang right can be a PIA!!!

THe way I understand it these aftermarket kits do not articulate just verticle. To make doors that were never designed to open verticle atthe end do that they have to move in and out for clearance and must offset before the verticle swing starts so you have some complex multi-plane articulation going on!!!! That means their is a lot more to adjust!! If you have a door sticking out past the body 2-3 MM you can get a lot of wind noise at 5 mm it sounds like you have the door ajar.
LOL,every time I think of "Lamborghini doors" I picture Jim Carey in Dumb & Dumber getting out out of the Lambo with those ridiculously ugly fur boots handing out money
Lambo doors mean: You will have one heck of a time getting out of your car in the usual side-by-side configuration of parking lots. Your door will contact the car next to it before you can open it enough to get out.
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