Verification That Dealer Install Synthetic

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Jun 24, 2003
Palatine, IL
I have the oil in my Volvo S60 T5 changed at the dealer since they stock M1. However, since my last oil change not long ago, I am now down 1/2 quart and the oil appears darker than in the past. I am wondering if I really did get synthetic. Is there an easy way to verify this? BTW - I will be changing my own oil again (not just because of this, more because I have had it with this dealer).
No easy way to verify other than if its on the reciept. You will notice more consumption at first with synthetics especially if the vehicle was using dino. The darker color is an indication that the oil is cleaning and holding it in suspension. Since you are going to change your own oil I would just change this interval at 3000 miles. [Smile] Daily Drives -2003 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner XtraCab, Impulse Red, Peppy 2.7 Liter 4 Banger, Running Mobil1 Synthetics SS 5W-30. ODO 3400 Miles. -1995 Toyota 4-Runner, Evergreen, 3.0 V6, Running Mobil1 Synthetic SS 10W-30. ODO 76000 Miles [ June 29, 2003, 08:31 AM: Message edited by: Amkeer ]
At least they put oil IN your vehicle...have a relative that works at a local dealership here...won't name names...but the new "lube technician" forgot to put oil in two vehicles in two weeks after draining siezed in the parking lot,the other a block mini-van had only 4000 kilometers on it and came in for the first oil change...being anal about his oil changes...KA-Boom... [Eek!]
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