Vehicles with room for three car seats

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Jun 30, 2005
I was looking for some information on reasonably priced cars thsat have rear seat room for three car seats. We don't want a large SUV or another minivan. I was thinking about the Ford 500 and Honda CRV.


I guess the Ford 500 is a nice enough ride, but I'd go with the Crown Vic (Black only), or a Mercury Marauder.

Honda CRV's are OK.
you're going to have a **** of a time finding something that'll fit 3 carseats in one seat. you're pretty much limited to a full size car or a fullsize SUV or crew cab truck. We did it for a while in our '93 Rodeo.. it was very (read could barely shut the doors) cramped with 1 rear facing, 1 front facing and 1 high back booster.. we moved on to a minivan, moved the oldest 2 to the back seat and put our youngest in the middle row... wife couldn't stand the minivan, so we dumped it (not a big loss, it was a '91) and bought an '02 Chevy Avalanche, my wife LOVES it (I'm not really in it enough to have an opinion) and it fits the now 2 boosters and 1 rear facing seat just fine in it's back seat.

well if you run out of room thats what the spoiler is for

The Ford 500 has Excellent safety ratings and is quite the roomy vehicle.
Its suppose to have more room inside then a Crown Vic
Mark, 3 car seats wont fit across in our 2002 isuzu rodeo. I think you'll find that to be the case for all small to mid sized SUV's. A co-worker of mine says he can fit three across in his (wife's) 2002 trailblazer. 3 across will require a large seat/vehicle. We've got a 2001 ford windstar for our kid hauler. 2 in the middle, one in the back! We really like both vehicles, but driving an SUV with gasoline @ ~$2.50/gal is rediculous. The van averages 23mpg, 18-19mpg if you are lucky with the rodeo.
Could you live with something that looked like a Toyota Matrix/Pontiac Vibe? If so, go look at a Mazda5. They're a slightly stretched 3 platform and have 6 seats. They don't drive like any minivan or SUV, they're more like a slightly-tall 3.

If that won't work for you I'd suggest sticking with a Ford 500 or a similar-size car from someone else. We looked at the 500, a used Chrysler 300M (I can't stand the new 300), a SAAB 9-5 wagon (not nearly wide enough), a Buick LaCrosse (wife didn't like it), and a bunch of others. We never got in a new Charger, but it might be wide enough.

We settled on the Mazda5 because it didn't feel or seem like a SUV or a minivan and the price is very right.
Go forth and multiply
How in the heck did you (the couple of you) manage to get three kids all in car seats at the same time

Maybe it's just that the laws evolved between 20+ years ago and now ..
Then again ..we weren't "rapid fire" on the child thing. (lemme think) 23, 20, and 16 ..and all on the taller side of the gene pool (and eventually heavier
We've had three car seats across the back seat of a 2002 Mercury Sable wagon (Taurus wagon). You may want to consider the brand(s) of the car seats. Their widths vary.
Thanks for the help everyone. I am looking for the best compromise in a commuter vehicle with some room. The boys are 4.5, 2, and 5 days so we definitely will have car seats for a while. Gary, we got a late start, I was 30 when our first one was born so we are making up for lost time.


Try the Ford Freestyle (NOT FREESTAR)
Than try the Ford 500. Bring your car seats and the kids. We have a Freestyle and haul 3 boys and hockey gear all winter. There is plenty of room for the seats and the vehicle is rated best in class for safety and gas mileage. We have had no problems with ours and mileage has been 25-29 mpg hwy. We have a FWD SE model.
In my Yukon XL, you can get three carseats across in the back and four adults between first & second row.
Yeah, ditto on the CR-V. It just won't fit 3 seats. My saab 9-5 will but not my CR-V. We've already decided we'll have to move up to a pilot or something if we have another kid.
Well it's not on your list, but the new Nissan Quest is a great vehicle and it comes with the optional DVD entertainment system to keep the little ones occupied along with a Navigation sustem so you don't get lost. It will even fit a 4x8 sheet of plywood.
I have three carseats in the back of my 05 Escape. They fit just right. I purposely bought one seat that is on the thinner side to make it all work though...
Hmm, I suspect that I COULD find a third seat to fit my V, I just haven't tried! No plans for a third yet! 'Course, there were no plans for a second when we had her!!!

Go forth and multiply How in the heck did you (the couple of you) manage to get three kids all in car seats at the same time

Hehehe... It's a chore! The 4yr old will clamber thru and hop into her seat, then with a running start you launch the 2yr old into his seat in the back of the van, then you reach around p/up and snap the 5mo old's seat into the base.. Make sure everyone is buckled in then off you go. Whew.. This is why I hate going anywhere lately.

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