Vehicle Sighting - Austin Mini (Brit spec)

Jul 7, 2014
Winnipeg MB CA
Always liked these. I think '79 was the last year they were brought over here. I think this is a somewhat later model, and RHD.

IIRC, the original Mini was 850 cc, with the Cooper being 1000 cc. This one has a badge saying 1.3 l (1300 cc) - probably goes like a rocket.


Keen-eyed hockey fans, note the Winnipeg Jets plate on the Toyota van behind the Mini.
automatic transmission. lubricated by 20w50 just like the manual
My friend had one in the late '70s. I was very surprised when he told me the engine and manual tranny shared a common sump. IIRC, he told me the sump held 5 Imperial quarts of oil.
Looks a bit of a hybrid - MkII tail lamps and concealed hinges with windup windows...but a MKI front end with Cooper grill. I liked the autos - tiptronic before they invented the word, and instant shift, not wait for it like tiptronic.

I followed a Mini home from work had flares. I didn't see the front, but late model rego lamp, so I'd say BL era.
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I am generally not a front driver fan except for 2 cars; this and a SAAB Convertible. Hard to describe how much fun a well maintained one of these can be.