Valvoline VR1 Racing 10W-30 Synthetic

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Jan 16, 2003
Shippensburg, PA
Anyone know anything about this oil? I saw it at a local parts store last night. It had a warning on the front of the bottle "Not for Street Use", and the back of the bottle went on to explain that the high levels of zinc in the oil will poison your converter. The MSDS shows 50-60% hyrdotreated (Gr II/III) but does not say what the other 40% is (PAO? Ester?). Could this be a good "sleeper" oil?
Do a search on the VOA section. It's in there. The ZDDP levels are up there and also the Magnesium is very high. I might be more worried about it sludging more than the cat for extended street use, because of the Magnesium being up there.
There is no such thing as synthetic VR1. Valvo doesn't call it that. They call their new line "Racing" and comes in synthetic and conventional. VR1 is still seperate and different from their new "not for street use" oils.
I stand corrected. I was going off what it said off the website concerning each oil, not the MSDS sheet. Wonder why they call it VR1 there and no where else though.
When you see a Synthetic Oil with the CAS # 64742-54-7 it is a group III . Same CASR as a group II . There is approximately 40% of the base oil not listed . Give them a call , see what they say the rest is . BTW , they have a 5w-30 Race Oil too . Gets the job done for many modern engines with shorter track time . Thicker is not always better even when racing so says Motorbike [Smile] [ March 05, 2004, 04:10 PM: Message edited by: Motorbike ]
not sure if this will help, but I welcome the input....I have just posted 3 VOA's in the NEW race area of this BB, including Vavoline VR-1 Recent testing at Blackstone.
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