Valvoline VR1 10w30 Dino in Kohler 22hp v-twin mower

Apr 16, 2014
Had some 5 year old unopened VR1 Racing in stock and decided to use it in my Cub Cadet 22 HP Kohler. Holds 2 qts. - changed at 50 hours along with filter. Manual calls for 10w30 so I'm OK there. 98 hours total on mower and this is the 3rd oil change.
Question: I shook up the old oil well before putting it in but noticed a few wax-like "slivers going in. This unit is used usually for up to 3 hours at a time in brutal South Texas heat. After running for a few minutes the oil looks good and clear on the dipstick and if anything the engine may be a bit quieter than before with Rotella 10w30 Syn. Drain or run for this season?