Valvoline Synpower 5w-40

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Oct 18, 2003
Anyone have the full specs on this oil? (cSt. @100C, VI, pour point etc.) I looked around but could not find it. Seems strange this oil is not talked about more.. I guess maybe because it is a group 3?
Thanks Paul. I went there and Acrobat would not load up (some kind of error). [I dont know] Anyone have any experience with this oil? Comments?
I used it a few times in newer Audis, before I "shopped" at BitOG. I considered it an upgrade over 30 weight Mobil 1 Tri-Syn because my car basicly called for a 5w-40 and it is an A3 product easily available at NAPA. Of course it seemed thicker, but I considered it to be a better protecting weight, so the extra drag did not bother me. In hindsight, it was rather thick. I would not stop someone from using it, possibly an old BMW formula from 1998, later to be consumer-packed. Some reports are that it cleans well. VOA adds look weaks though. Last time I used a 5w-30 SynPower in a female friend's car for lack of a better turbo oil. Mobil 1 5w-30 would have been better, M1 5w-40 makes the SynPower obsolete. [Roll Eyes]
How about this 5w40 oil: 100C Vis: 14.7 40C: 89.4 VI: 172 CCS 6300@-30 Borderline Pumping Vis: 17,300@-35 HTHS: 3.9 Pour: -39 TBN: 12 Its Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme, Hi-Performance Synthetic Engine Oil. Rated SL. But also rated for diesel and so Sulfated Ash is 1.6% (I think it was around 1% for Synpower).
Good find. The Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme has some nice specs and looks to be a better oil than Synpower. I guess this is Valvoline's answer to competing with Rotella T Synthetic 5w-40 and Delo 400 Synthetic 5w-40. Motorbike mentioned in another thread that this is a GroupIII/IV mix.  -
Nice photo! Bottle has some nice lines. [Freak] So if borderline pumping is the same as MRV, then this Premium Blue Extreme is a much better winter choice. Maybe I should run it next winter, but not sure where to buy it.
My experience with Synpower was a bit mixed. Positives: 1. Very low wear numbers in my UOA even in harsh winter driving with short trips and the car not driven for over two weeks sitting outside in the snow. 2. Good turbo response - better than GC. Can't explain this one since the Valvoline is thicker. Oil pressure? Negatives; 1. Sheared to a 30 weight in a 5300 mile interval. 2. Crappy gas mileage compared to GC and Castrol GTX 30 weights. Lost an average of about 1 to 1.5 mpg on the highway. So this stuff is thick. There several UOAs or this oil on this site so check them out. One thing I really like about this oil is that reports are very consistent. Wear numbers are virtually identical across four different VW 1.8Ts. Unfortunately, the shearing part is also very consistent. BTW, I emailed Valvoline a while back and was told that the HTHS for the 5w-40 is 3.5. It is 3.0 for the 5w-30 and 10w-30.
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