Valvoline SynPower 10w30?

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Jan 1, 2003
Sorry if this is a repost, but I did a search and found nothing.

I was wondering how Valvoline SynPower synthetic oil compares to other commodity brands, like Mobil 1 for example.

I know it's no Redline or Amsoil, but for under $20 for 5 quarts at Wally World, it doesn't seem like too bad a deal.

I usually run Mobil 1 10w30, but Wally World was out of the 5qt jugs on my last visit, so I got the Valvoline instead. I've run Redline in the past, but the $8-$12 pricetag of Redline or Amsoil is jut a little beyond what I can justify spending for oil.

Synpower has posted some excellent UOA's on this site. It worked very well in both my turbo cars. It probably produces slightly lower wear numbers than M1, but M1 is probably better for extended drains.
Well, I don't do any real extended drains (mabey 4k before a change) but M1 has given me MAJOR consumption issues as well. The problem was far less with Redline, we'll see how this Valvoline works. I already noticed the motor is quieter on a cold start with the SynPower than M1 so that tells me something right there.

Thanks for the info. For a 3k change oil, I guess SynPower is pretty good. I think I'm going to switch over for good unless I get some great deals on Redline or Amsoil.
I think (at last check) Valvoline was still a Group III oil (not a true synthetic) I wouldn't spend the money for it. Pennzoil, Castrol GTX, Motorcraft, Chevron Supreme will do just as well at say 4K-5K IMHO. If you are consuming with M-1 add a quart of the 15W-50. It should cut consumption significantly.
Based on what we've seen on this board, the overall impression is a toss up. Its done remarkably well in some situations, terrible in others.

Without checking how my application likes it, its tough to justify its price when we've seen relatively consitant reports outof other "syn" oils like M1 or GC.
I put the Valvo Synthetic in my mom's car at the last oil change instead of Mobil 1. The Caddy Northstar holds 7.5 quarts
and at the time the Valvo was $4 less than M1 for a 5 quart jug and I need two. I got a real good UOA with the M1 but the folks have been in FL for the winter and the car has had exactly zero miles put on it in the 3 months since I changed the oil. Took out the M1/M1 filter and put in the Synpower/K&N filter and drove it 10 feet into the garage, so it will be a while until I get another 6k UOA. Probably around July or August.

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