Valvoline question.

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Oct 22, 2014
Pottsville pa
Hello everyone I'm fairly new here yet but I have a general question regarding the sodium level in valvoline oils. While looking at other uoa's here I seen that valvoline is one of the few that use sodium as an additive so why is this looked down upon by many board members? Thanks
Its not nec. bad from a performance standpoint,but it makes it difficult to detect if antifreeze is leaking into the oil.
It's not just Valvoline. Lots of oils have added Na to their cocktail in the last 2 years or so: AZ's house brand, 7-Eleven, Mobil Super 5000,Accel, Sunoco, AAP's house brand, ARCO, a couple Castrol products. I think valvoline was ahead of the curve on this one. But I agree with Rand, it's not "bad" just makes it harder to detect the Na and K present in coolant contaminated oil, which, honestly, isn't a concern for 99.99% of drivers on the road because they don't do UOAs or can still detect K even with high Na.
I happen to like Valvoline products and they serve my engines well. I have used them in vehicles and motorcycles. They are quality products.
I've wondered how different Maxlife and Durablend are from each other,with the exception of Maxlife containing seal conditioners?
They're so close that when visiting one of their Quick Oil Change businesses last year, i was told they use MaxLife as the Synthetic Blend option now, not Durablend. I found this curious so contacted Ashland. They verified.
Yeah, that seems to be the direction their heading in. Possibly phasing out Durablend. Just conjecture on my part though.
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