Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme

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I neevr heard of it and so would also like to know more about it.
Is it a race oil or a street oil?

I believe it is a HD gas/diesel oil, intended to compete with products like Delo, Delvac, and Rotella. However, I have yet to fid this locally, and it is on the Vavloline webiste.
Dock, you've got it right. It is a "fleet" oil, intended to be marketed up against the other big boys in the diesel synthetic world.

If you are a moly lover, it does have moly in it. Someone here posted a voa on this stuff a while ago, and it looked pretty good.

I've only found it at one retailer here who also happens to be a distributor.

Originally posted by tenderloin:
Pep Boys has this oil for $6.19 a gallon jug. Buy 2 get a $5 rebate.

Maybe for regular dino premium blue, but probably not the synthetic "extreme" Valvoline product.

Here is a raced UOA on the Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme. Its the fourth column over. Looks like good stuff.
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