Valvoline MaxLife ATF now includes CVT applications (as of 2021, May), Date Codes

Jul 22, 2005
ON, Canada
I just got through a rather frustrating chat with on this page:
Valvoline Multi-Vehicle (ATF) Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid

The question was regarding MaxLive ATF as it now supports CVT applications after a certain packaging date:

" * CVT recommendations for packaged goods (quarts, gallons, totes, ABB, Drums) are applicable if dated May 2021 or later. Bulk product may have been mixed with the previous formulation. Bulk fluid shipped after May 2021 has the new formulation, but the concentration of new formulation in a mixture with the previous formulation must be 95% or greater to meet the new CVT specifications. Do not use in CVT applications until 95% or greater formulation ratio is achieved."

The date codes I provided from the packaging were confirmed to be:
I2322C5 = September 23 2022
H1622C1 = August 16 2022

I hope this helps someone.
Looks like Valvoline is now using Afton's HiTec 3488 DI pack?

That's certainly one possibility.
Afton - HiTEC 3488 Multifunctional CVT / Step-AT Fluid Additive Package PDF

"HiTEC 3488 is a truly innovative Multifunctional CVT and Step Automatic
Transmission Fluid Additive Package designed to formulate transmission
f uids with group III base oil. HiTEC 3488 technology has been proven
in a comprehensive test program including vehicles, dynamometers
and rig test. Excellent performance data has been obtained in multiple
tests where CVTF or ATF specif cations or applications are called for or
Personally I wouldn't trust it anything as fragile as these cvt units, if I had one it would be OE fluid only. What is next with this stuff, can be used in place of Listerene mouth wash.
When they said it for use in dex III units with the half baked and bogus explanation that it will be when the dex III thins out from use because they red flagged for that claim. I never used it again, lack of trust in this company.
I've used (and like) Maxlife MVFS ATF in multiple Honda vehicles with AT for a long time. That will continue.

That said, 'I would not use it in a CVT application, no matter what it says. Same goes for the Castrol AT and CVT fluid in one.

If 'I' was looking for a Valvoline CVT fluid, it would be the dedicated CVT fluid linked. In fact, I have used/am using it in a Nissan Rogue.

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I just got through a rather frustrating chat with on this page:
What is frustrating ? If you're concerned about running across the old formulation, don't. If they've been shipping the new stuff for over 18 months now, anything on store shelves will be the new stuff. If they still have product almost 2 years old, shop elsewhere.
No I have used it in dex VI years ago applications but authentic dex VI is not much more. No blown tranny or damage.
That's what GM says about Dex VI though
I never read that. Any info other than it is backward compatible because they dont license dex III any longer. I use Amsoil ATF or Delvac 1 in dex III units, they don't thin down like the old stuff.
I'm sure it's been explained before, but I can't seem to wrap my head around how nearly every make/model/submodel specs a different fluid, yet maxlife can pretty much be used in everything
Put Maxlife in my wife's 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe that specs SP4. The Maxlife actually improved the shifting. The fluid has been in now for about 20,000 miles.
Looks like this is the new packaging