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Dec 27, 2003
My local store has just started stocking Valvoline VR1 15W/50 and also Lucas Oil stabiliser.
As you may have read on other postings,I'm looking for a good quality non synthetic oil for my brand new 350 Chev ZZ4(400 horsepower).
Whats your opinion on the Valvoline and the Lucas product?

Look at Bob's main page here. On the additives, the Lucas was tested. Check it out.

I have a negative view, personally, of this type of additive for the application.
Oh yeah,forget the Lucas then!!
What about the Valvoline 15W50.
Bear in mind im in the UK so we dont have the high or low temps seen in the US.
My car wouldnt even get used in the months that the temp was below freezing and out hottest temps in the summer are about 30 degC or 86 deg F

Originally posted by powermite:
when you say GC what exactly is meant by that??

GC is the German Castrol 0w30 (in North America it's labelled as Syntec). Over in your neck of the woods it is Castrol Formula SLX 0w30.
brand new,just been on the dyno .I just feel these older design of chevy engine were delveloped prior to synthetic oil being readily available and are not suited to it.I'll be breaking it in because it probably had minimal running on the dyno just to break in the cam and get a performance print out
Hi there,

Forget the Lucas, a good oil doesn't need any "extras".

Seeing this is a new motor, can you get a 10W-40? Castrol Magnatec perhaps, or the VR1 if it comes in that viscosity.

This would be ideal for this motor and your climate. The 15W-50 would be OK, but after you have clocked up a few miles.

P>S> I just found a site for the VR1 10w-40, looks like it was developed for high reving 4's.

You will notice on that site it says VR1 is "synthetic enhanced", so it is a blend, and not a straight mineral oil.

If this engine is brand new, have you condsidered a "running in" oil first? I know a lot of factory fills are now synthetic, but I'm of the old school which believes in bedding in the rings using a mineral oil, before using synthetics.

I'ts 7am on Sunday over here, so if this reply sounds confused, it is


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Just because it is an older design does not mean it is not suited to synthetic oil. If you don't want to use synthetic I guess Pennzoil, Delvac 1300 or Delo 400 15w40 would work well.
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