Valvoline gear oil brooksfield viscocity -40c is….

Jan 5, 2017
Talkeetna AK
Never understood why Valvoline don’t just publish all their numbers.🤷‍♂️
Here is their data sheets which don’t include the -40c numbers

I’ve been looking at Valvoline gear oil as an alternative to Amsoil for cold temperatures application.

So I sent them an email and received a reply regarding the -40c brooksfield viscocity.

See below if you are interested:

Jeff, thank you for contacting Valvoline Product Support with your question.

We do not have the results for -20C since 75W does really callout -20C Brookfield.
Typical results as follows. This could change in terms of R&R and raw material property changes.

FS Gear Oil 75W-90 @ -40C – 91,000 cP

FS Gear Oil 75W-140 @ -40C – 107,400 cP

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via phone at 800 TEAM VAL or by email at [email protected] for assistance.

Thank you and have a great day.
Valvoline Product Support

Thank you,

Valvoline Product Support

Ticket Number: 11-1990007

Subject: Brooksfield viscosity 75w-140 & 75w-90
I have been happy with Delo XDM 75w90, especially since it has a much better price point for me. But Chevron doesn’t make a 75w140. I’ve put in in Amsoil severe gear in my other vehicles, but dang, the price just isn’t worth it to me. Valvoline is now going to be my “go to” I think since it’s usually available at Walmart.
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