Valvoline durablend synthetic, how many miles before OCI?

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Jul 14, 2003
Ft Lauderdale, FL
The wife's '02 Explorer (4.0 engine, 2wd, auto) is due for a change in about 1500 miles. Right now I've got Mobil 1 5w30 and the recommended dose of LC. I changed the Motorcraft filter at 5000 and topped off the oil with M1 10w30, took almost a quart. In 1500 miles it hits 10k on the oil and I want to change it. I saw a deal in Advance Auto, Valvoline Durablend Synth 5w30 for 2.40 per quart. I bought 6 quarts and a Motorcraft filter.

I want to know how many miles I could go with that oil and the regular 1 oz dosage of LC?

Vehicle sees mostly highway mileage, some street, and once in a while towing of a horse trailer. I did an AutoRX before going with the Mobil 1/LC.
1 oz dosage of LC?????

I say 5-6k then sample and go from there. Why are you switching oils again? If you are pushing your OCI's as far as you will probably be better off with mobil 1.
I meant 1 oz per quart. I dunno. The M1 seemed kind of thin and I didn't want to spend the extra dough, but now that I think about it 5k on the Valvoline is the same price as M1 at 10k. I have a couple jugs of M1 10w30 but I was saving them for my Mustang. The Mustang's on the first AutoRX treatment so it may be a while before I can use the M1 I have stored. Maybe I should return the Valvoline and just use the M1 10w30, but the 4.0 recommends 5w30. However, since M1 is typically thinner than other oils, the 10w30 may be okay. blah blah blah.
In aren't going to see any difference between mobil 1 5w30, and 10w30. To see a difference, you are going to have to get below freezing. IMO, you would be better off with the 10w30, but the 5w30 will work fine as well.
The DuraBlend is a bit thicker. Price is no better than WalMart regular price. Syntec Blend has a good reputation with the oil-conscience guys. When I used DB, I went a full 7500 miles, without any consumption issues.

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Mobil 1 10W-30 tends to remain a solid 30wt. for it's entire life, rather than thinning out quickly to a high 20wt. like many "thicker" oils.

It begins at the lower range, but it's pretty bullet-proof about maintaining.

With LC and the top-up oil you'll add. 6K should be fine with the Durablend.
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