Valvoline 20w50 Motorcycle Spec, 75 miles, 01 Yamaha YZ250F

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Jun 28, 2005
Cedar Park, TX
Valvoline 20w50 Motorcycle Specific race for 75 miles in a 2001 Yamaha YZ250F. Testing done by Blackstone Labs on 9/27/05 INSOLUBLES: .3% WATER: 0.0% ANTIFREEZE: 0.0% FUEL: <0.5% FLASHPOINT IN F: 420 SUS VISCOSITY @ 210 F: 82.3 ALUMINUM 46 CHROMIUM 2 IRON 10 COPPER 1 LEAD 191 TIN 4 MOLYBDENUM 4 NICKEL 2 MANGANESE 0 SILVER 0 TITANIUM 0 POTASSIUM 0 BORON 43 SILICON 10 SODIUM 1 CALCIUM 1927 MAGNESIUM 8 PHOSPHORUS 838 ZINC 1011 BARIUM 0 the clutch was VERY grabby with this oil and i did *NOT* like it at all. the clutch felt normal as soon as this oil was swapped out with another brand of oil. silicon was a little high due to the dusty conditions of the race. this is the "NEW" oil that is now on the shelf.
I wonder if Valvoline uses an additive of some sort to cause the clutch plates to grab, rather than slip. It seems like I heard of some motorcycle specific oil touting an additive which "helps" the clutch to engage better... Dan
Dan, all i know is that from the instant i started the bike with the "new" Valvoline Motorcycle Spec in it till the time i drained it out the clutch was so darn grabby that i truely was wanting to drain it after 50 feet of use. yes, feet! i re-filled with quakerstate high horsepower semi-synth 20w50 and the clutch feel was instantly back to normal and NONgrabby. i'll practice with the qs in the 1/4L motor&transmission of oils demise this weekend and then change it out and send it off to blackstone. i'm thinking about testing either exxon superflow 20w50 or havoline 10w40 next. depends on the temps in the forecast.
I would be interested to see how the Havoline does. Not sure how much moly the 10W40 has, but the SL 20W50 has 200 ppm. The 20W50 Havoline shears to a 40 weight rather quickly, but it has stayed a 40 for 2500 miles on two UOA's in my Harley Davidson engine. I'm thinking if you bike really likes a 40 weight, the 20W50 Havoline might be just the ticket. [Smile] Dan
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