valve body torque difference

Apr 30, 2019
I recently did a band adjustment and valve body bolt torquing on my 94 b4000 w the a4ld transmission and let me tell you, it has made the world of difference. Where reverse used to delay about a second then have a hard engagement (not quite a slam although that happened once or twice) it is not smooth and immediate. My first to second gear shifts used to be hard, delayed or if low on fluid at all slip a little. After the adjustments and torquing the shifts are also smooth as can be while still noticeable when paying attention. I also did this in part to my store of valvoline dex/merc. Down to 3 gallons... But if you get the opportunity, have the tools and the specs and the willingness. I would 100% recommend torquing valve body bolds and performing band adjustments whenever you pull the pan. Do any of you guys have similar experience in this subject?