V8 Engine Oil recommendation

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Feb 9, 2004
Hi, I have just came across a engine that I wanted to seek a few thoughts on for the right Oil to use. Ford 351 Windsor. Bored 0.040 over Scat Forged Crank and Rods SPR Alumimum Pistons Alumimum Heads 750cmf Holly Comp Cams Hydraulic Roller Cam. 425+ HP It's to be Saturday night special street driven type thing. Used to blow away the show pony 4's. I was just hoping you would be able to give me your recommendation on the best oil product to use. I dont mind changing it often it that effects your choice. I look forward to all comments and thanks in advance. Francis
A good Heavy Duty Diesel Oil would be my recomendation something like Delo 15W40,Delvac 15W40, Castrol RX 15W40 etc... These should be chaep enough taht you do not mind changeing them every 3 months or so. Sitting around all the time combined with a lot of idleing and WOT is going to beat this oil up. It would not make sense to run an expensive synthetic under these conditions. If you were going to raod race for extended periods or auto-cross it then something like Delvac-1 makes sense. It is safe to assume that you have a big cam with steep ramps? I am also guessing that you have double or triple valve springs? Is this useing solid mechanical lifters or hydralic? How about roller cam,rockers or lifters???? Oil is so expensive in OZ that I would cringe at useing or recomendeding a synthetic unless you are going to get your moneys worth out it! Oxidatuion, acid and corrison will get to a saterday night special long before mechanical wear could hope to! I would plan on changeing it not more then less the every 3-4 months.
I totally agree on the diesel/gas 15W40 (fleet) oils. I have 5.0 engines in my old RWD Cadillacs and you can tell the engine loves the oil. I live in northern MN and will go to a 0WXX or Quaker State Extreme Winter Blend for the extreme Winter months. Their is a 0W30 Pennzoil LongLife diesel sold only in Canada.
Thought you guy's might like to know what the Oil companys said, when I sent them the post above. Valvoline USA: VR1 20w 50 Pennzoil USA: GT Racing 25w 50 Valvoline Australia: Maxlife 20w 50 Pennzoil Austrlia: GT Performance Shell Australia: Shell Helix Plus 15w 50
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