USPS lost my oil sample... :(

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Dec 25, 2002
Outside smalltown, IL
I'm hoping after 14 days and I get the chance, I can fill out USPS "Form #1510, report of missing mail" that it will somehow magically appear there.

I fully expect the Easter Bunny to drop it off there on his way to Santa's house for the winter...
According to Butler's lab report, it took my sample about 2 weeks to reach them last summer. Maybe the P.O. has a hard time with such oddly shaped packages?

Originally posted by Tosh:
Now I know why my mail was covered with dirty oil.

If the tape seal on the outer container came loose, plus the one on the inner container, then both lids came loose, I think there are some handling issues.
Yeah ..I tape mine too. It would truly require someone to run over it with some type of cart or crush it under a whole lot of something to have it just leak.

Now I could see some inspector HAVING to know what's in it ..and not putting Humpty Dumpty back together again and just making the whole thing "go away".
ya, I agree with gary. it probably got stopped over to the inspector to investigate what it is. we live in the day of age of suspicious packages..
After screwing the lid on the mailing container, I put a dab of Household Goop on it in one spot to prevent the top from being twisted off accidently.
Tip of the day.

Fill you oil sample container absolutly full so it don't feel or sounds like liquid when the good mail handling/snooping folks shake it.
12 days since I mailed a sample from Il. to Ohio and it's still not there. Joe at Predictive Maintenance claims they've had a lot of these problems lately, and I shouldn't expect it to ever get there if it's been this long.

In the future I think I'll do two things.

Not use the postal service for UOA's.

And most important - Make sure I keep another sample container of the same oil until I see the first one is received for analysis.

Originally posted by jsharp:
And most important - Make sure I keep another sample container of the same oil until I see the first one is received for analysis.

That's what I just did on my last sample. Too bad I didn't do it on the previous one where lead was 476 ppm. Would have liked to get a second go at that one.

Too bad about your lost sample. Hopefully it turns up soon.
I thought my sample was lost, but it took 5 weeks to get there from california!!!!! stupid idiots!!!!!
I am so glad that I live within driving distance of the lab I use, I never have to worry about the sample getting lost in transit since I put it right on the counter of their mailroom myself. My only problem would be if the lab somehow lost the sample or spilled it. But the chances of that are probably extremely slim.
if it takes more than a week for your sample to get to the lab then its a safe bet that your sample is being investigated somewhere. the oil sample has probably been opened and closed at least three times introducing dirt! taped back up then sent out
I lost a vast majority of my last dozen and decided to no longer do them

the thing I did notice with me is that
when I dropped them in the box without standing in line for 30 minutes to an hour, that they were lost say about 80-90% of the time...

maybe some stupid paranoia dealing with 911 scam tactics

Originally posted by Tosh:
Now I know why my mail was covered with dirty oil.

Very funny! I got a piece of mail this week that was partially covered with honey. The postmaster explained to me that the mail container he received it in also contained a honey shipment, and the honey package leaked.

I think I prefer honey to motor oil!
I'd strongly suggest using UPS(Brown).

I collect chainsaws & frequently purchase over Ebay.

After a transaction, I'll warn the sellers that postal service reg's require the saw to be fully drained of all fuel & bar oil.

Some refuse to heed the advice - I've had 2 saws sit in quarantine areas for over 2 weeks before they show up, with the original parcel fully covered in a plastic overwrap.

Any hint of gas fumes or leaking oil from a package will automatically generate a quarantine status & the post office is not in a hurry to resolve the issue - who can blame them after 9/11 and the anthrax problems!
I've just sent off one sample using USPS, but, I sent it Priority Mail in a Priority Mail shipping box and it got there right away.
3 times I have mailed an oil sample to Blackstone Labs using their own oil sample bottles, and they arrived quickly with no problem. The postage cost is $1.59, IIRC.
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