Using up my random quarts

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Jun 6, 2004
Minneapolis MN
I have a '95 Grand Caravan, at present 115,000 miles, but of those miles, only about 1300 miles have been put on since January '04. I have done annual oil changes since then, regardless of the miles for the year, and usually the change is done in early April. It has seen nothing but M1 5W-30 since summer '98, but this last change (over the weekend, I was a little late this year) I didn't have any 5W-30, so I decided to use up my random quarts.

In went:

1 qt M1 TSUV 5W-40
1 qt M1 0W-40
1 qt M1 0W-30
1 qt M1 0W-20
1 qt Syntec 0W-30 (made in USA stuff)

It's not that I don't care about this car anymore, well, yes it is. Other than gas and oil, this car will get no other maintenance. It's better than 50/50 that we'll get rid of it by the end of summer. The mixture appears to be a little more viscous than it's used to, but as long as it turns over and starts once every two or three months, I'm good.
Really ..I think you may have just hit the magic brew ..full spectrum coverage.

..and now you're going to get rid of it when it has the Holy Grail in it.

It always works that way ...
you wasted good mobil 1 oil on it if you're not planning to do keep it for another year. ****, you could have just kept running it on the existing oil with nil negative effect through the summer if you were about to get rid of it! When it comes selling time, just change the filter and fill'er up with bargain basement dino so that the prospective owner goes gaga when he sees clean oil.
What? Only 115K? Heck, it's just barely broke in....
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