Using Supertech synthetic 5W30 in '01 Mustang Cobra

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Ganton, with such a nice performance car such as your's I would spring for some real Group IV or V or combo's there of, synthetic oil, such as the Mobil 1, Red Line, Amsoil or even the German Castrol(GC) 0W-30 that have been producing good wear numbers and offer extra protection under stress conditions. For the price of your car the use of a quality true synthetic oil is cheap. If you're shopping at Wally World then you can easily get the Mobil 1 5W-30. For the extra $1-$2/qt it's NO money spread out over 5,000 miles. Also, I'd spend the extra buck and get the Motorcraft FL 820S filter for your car over the Supertech. Better bang for the buck, literally


Although Mobil 1 5/10W-30 would be a better choice, I'm absolutely sure that your car will be fine with supertech. 5k miles interval is OK even with mineral oils. Any sythetic oil is better than any mineral oil of the same grade for sure. Since you don't drive hard I believe that sypertech will do a decent job for you at nice cost savings. It would be interesting to see an oil analysis on this engine.

Just based on the VOA on this oil I would say you are not doing your mustang any favors using it. Very weak additive package. Buy a few less beers and go with Mobil 1. Seems like it always works
best to use a quality product vs unknow quality product.
4 quarts SuperTech + 1 quart AMSOIL HDD = cheap and good. =)

Hi, I spent $20,000 on a fast car, but want $14 oil changes. =)
Anyone who posts on this board see anything adverse about my using Wally World Supertech synthetic 5W30 in my '01 Mustang Cobra which calls for 5W20? I feel that 5W20 is much too thin for my "mental comfort" in this engine. I'm an "older guy" (age 60) who rarely drives "hard," but only on occasion will take the tach up to 4500-5000 rpm or so (redline is 6800, but this car has 320 h.p. coupled with a 3.27 rear end ratio and would literally be "flying right out of itself" at that engine speed!). I plan on using the Supertech filter and will change both oil and filter every 5k miles. Any comments/advice would be appreciated.

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Id go with either m1 5w30, amsoil 5w30, or even redline 5w30. Run the better oils in your cobra, you want to give her the best treatment.
I cant see anything wrong with that. You are probably using better oil than 90% of the drivers do.
Only way to know for sure is to take a sample from one of those 5,000 miles drains and send it in for analysis. UOA will obe the only way to know for sure how the oil is doing in your car.

I wouldn't hesitate to use the Supertech group III synth for 5,000 mile intervals. I would spring for the extra buck to get the Motorcraft filter over the Supertech.
When I had my `97 Cobra (32 V DOHC) I used M-1 5-30 from new. I would cringe at the thought of using a 5-20...

Even with the M-1 5-30 I had consumption after about 3-4k so I would only forsee even higher consumption with the 5-20.

Knowing what I know today, I would actually even use a synth. 5-40 to ensure as little consumption for as long of a OCI as possible. eg. 7500k mi. shouldn't sound out of line.
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