using premium gasoline effect UOA???

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Jan 16, 2003
Southern California
The type of commercially available, general use, vehicle gasoline has no bearing on measured fuel dilution. Your driving habits definetely have an effect on fuel dilution results. The type of gasoline might have some influence on oxidative blowby products, but that's not truly fuel dilution, is it? What doesn't get blown out the exhaust ends up in the sump as particulate contamination held in suspension by the motor oil's detergent/dispersant chemistry or, if large enough, trapped by the oil filter.
I've been noticing a lot of UOA's on this board that describe fuel delution and wonder if some of it has to do with using premium gasoline and it not burning completely in the combustin chamber? I use to be on an Amoco Ultimate kick (white gas) until the fuel prices sored, then I got off that kick really quickly. Now that the prices are back down, I've realized how good my cars run on 87 octane (which is all they recommend for my engines) but use quality brand name gasoline, Shell, BP, etc..
I've heard that Amoco Ultimate (it's advertised) will keep your fuel system clean. I really wonder how much of that is true.
I quit using it and use Shell 87 octane now because I heard it is Top Tier and supposedly it will keep everything clean. How much truth does this hold? When I hear people talk about getting over 250k to 300k on their car, they never say anything about he fuel system and what if anything they did to maintaine it.
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