using oil with GC

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Jul 17, 2005
Cleveland, OH
I won't make any comments, just state my facts.

1999 SVT Contour, 2.5L HO V6, Duratec.
80k miles.

This has been a Mobil 1 car its whole life. First 5W-30 and then 0W-40 when that weight became available in the US.

Here was the last UOA on 0W-40.

I am on my first OCI of GC, gold. The engine has consumed 3/4 quart of oil in about 5k miles on this oil. I drive like I always have, maybe even a bit tamer as I mature.
I never, not once, noticed a drop in oil during a OCI while running Mobil 1.

Yes I have checked and its not leaking out.

Check/replace your PCV. Don't do the "shake-n-rattle test", but replace it. If it's stuck open or not shutting in cycles like it should, it would lead to excessive oil consumption. I am betting at 80k miles it went south on you. I replace mine every 25k for cheap insurance, they're like $2 a shot. I am not for 100% certain if the v-6 Ecotech uses a check vale or an orifice.
PCV is not original, have replaced it once with a genuine Ford part. I can throw another one on and see what happens. From Ford they are pricey but I do know where I can order one.

BTW - the Ecotec is a 4 cylinder GM in 2.0/2.2/2.4 L displacements. The Duratec is a V6 by Ford.

Originally posted by bxd20:
I am on my first OCI of GC, gold. The engine has consumed 3/4 quart of oil in about 5k miles on this oil.Brian

Drive another 5K miles and see what happens.

What are you implying? That after 5k more miles the consumption will stop? And your theory behind that is what? The oil looks very clean, so I doubt it is cleaning out anything Mobil 1 left behind. I used to do very short OCI's on Mobil 1, typically 4k mi or so.
My 06 VW GLI consumes GC as well. I currently have Syntec 5w40 in the case and have noticed no consumption. There are a number of people that have noticed consumption with GC.
My VW 1.8T engine consumed some GC, the thinnest oil I ever tried in this engine. It also consumed Syntec 5W-40 in about the same amount. My fiance's Civic burnt GC at same rate as M1 10W-30. GC is great oil, but it can't be all things to all engines. I used M1 0W-40 early in the engine's life and didn't consume any but then again the engine was younger/tighter then, so maybe now it would consume some.
Great oils for 40 weight loving engines I've used are Valvoline Synpower 5W-40, Amsoil 5W-40 (extinct version), Lubromoly 0W-40, and soon will put in Lubromoly 5W-40 (the oil I affectionately refer to as "Robusto", based on how well it performed in my volatility tests). I expect that your engine won't burn much if any of these oils.
I've used about 1/2 quart in my '99 Honda 2.3 litre VTEC Accord. I can't say, however, if this is because of the oil or engine wear (75,000 almost exclusively city miles). The engine runs very smoothly and quietly on GC. I haven't tried a 40 wt and probably won't.
I'm not sure if this has any application but my car always seems to eat .3 to half a quart of oil within the first 1000 miles of an oil change. After that it holds its level. I have the 2.2L Ecotec.

I think Vad has a good idea - run it out and see if it continues consuming oil.
I went ahead and replaced the PCV valve, even though the old one had only 15,000 miles, and it looked and rattled liked new.

I'll keep going a little while, probably put around 7k total miles on this oil before I dump it and do a UOA. We'll see if consumption continues. If it does continue, I'm probably switching back to Mobil 1 OW-40.
I'll add one to this "just stating facts" thread.

My 5.0L Mustang spend the first 85K miles of it's life using M1 5W-30 other than one run of M1 0W-30. OCI was 7K-10K miles. At about 50K miles it started to use a little oil, 1 quart in 5K miles +-.

I did an Auto-Rx on the car about 13K miles back and after the rinse used GC green. Usage was just like the M1, 1 quart in about 5K miles.

This interval I'm using GC gold since the green is all gone around here. So far it's used a quart in less than 3000 miles.

I have 1 more quart of gold left. If I need to add it in another 3K miles I won't be buying more. I'll go back to M1, probably 0W-40 since I have enough here to do the change...
My GLI consumes M1 0w40. I have about 15K on it now. During the first 5K, it used up about 2 quarts. During the second 5K, it slowed down to about 1 quart. In the last 5K, it used up about 3/4 quart.
My 1.8T uses no oil, that can be detected on the dip stick, regardless of whether it's GC (last 2 OCIs), M1, original factory fill, or the Audi dealer's oil that was used in a couple OCIs. Oil consumption appears to be engine dependent even with the same type engine.
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