Using 3 Yr Old SJ Rated Oil

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Jul 2, 2003
Esteemed Colleagues,

I have some Pennzoil Clean Engine Formula SJ rated oil that is between 2 and 3 years old. I am thinking about putting it in our 93 Villager Van with the Nissan 3.0L engine so I can use most of it up (the rest is headed for the lawn mower or the oil collection center). The van is NOT a is still in fantastic condition. Is the risk of using this oil (bought on sale, so getting rid of it is not a great loss) greater than the few bucks I'd throw out or in your opinion is it still viable?

Don't want to kill an engine over $3 but I'm stingy enough not to just dump it if unecessary.

Nothing wrong with the oil for a short interval.

What was the concern?

SJ? - nothing wrong with SJ for a 1993 (or most any other car for that matter)

2-3 years old? - no biggie in sealled bot-ell

Formula for Pennz in 2000? Can't say. Bobis wasn' not many earl analysis from this vintage. No Moly, but enough P, Zn, etc to get you to 3K. (Do an analysis for old time's sake)
Thanks guys...
you have put my concerns to rest...
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