Uses for Classic Snake Oil Additives

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Sep 24, 2002
First let me say that, just like the old-timer ATF-in-oil-thread I started - I do NOT personally use these products so no need to advice me not to use. Just throught I'd try and head off the inevitable advice was all...

I was cleaning out my GA and found a few more goodies. I seem to inherit this stuff from well intentioned folks when they move or clean out there GAs or something... go figure.

First up is CD-2. I threw it away. Maybe it's good stuff to have around. I dunno..?

Next up is Bardahl(spelling?) Stop Smoke - This is like the venerable 'Motor Honey' if anybody remembers that one which I don't think is around. I have a bottle of it, apparently it's been around quite a while judging from the dust. I've got to wonder just what the viscosity or weight of it is - sheesh it's thick! Dunno where it came from but I haven't tossed it out. Yet. Here's one use: Knew someone who had an old Bugeye back in the 60s. It was a loosey goosey thing he said that had a rattley engine that smoked. Just before he traded it in down at the Ford dealership for a brand new 65 Mustang, he dumped a bottle of 'Motor Honey' in - he said it alleviated the smoking and quieted down the engine enough to get it into the used car manager. I suppose that's one use.

Finally up, Marvel Myster Oil: Ah this is a classic. Much discussed here as to what it is. Nobody seems to know exactly. I always figured it was an ATF variant. But when I smell it (gee maybe I've been doing too much of that) it sort of reminded me of a mineral spirit.

Anyway on this one I'll admit to buying it years ago. I had a specific reason and darned if it hasn't worked better than anything else. I've found it to be very good at helping free up rotary engines that have sat. Mazda has no recommended storage procedures and I've found that if they sit for very long periods, compression can be lost. On several rotaries that have sat for years it has worked a miracle for me. Granted, ATF can also be handy to 'work into' a stored rotary but I think MMO is pretty good for this oddball application.

Surprisingly, a quick websearch on google didn't yield any websites for these curioius snake oil classics. So does anybody have any other suggested uses for some of these classic snake oils like I have. I'm sure some can be put to good use somewhere and there are plenty of others on the market too...
Sure, dump them all together with ISO 32 or 46 AW hydraulic oil and make some
rust preventative oil or a coating oil.
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