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Feb 15, 2016
Anyone out there have a suggestion for great podcasts that are interesting or useful in any way; it doesn't matter field or topic as long as one can benefit from it

So is there any podcast lovers here at BITOG?

I'll start it; Im listening this one every morning pretty much on my route to work

Bannon's War Room
The Shortwave Report
The REAL David Knight Show
Tim Pool Daily Show
Mark Reardon Show
The Alex Jones Show (podcast on iphone only)
Talking Real Money
Rational Reminder
The Automotive Hour
Under The Hood Show
Car Talk with Dale Donovan
The Car Doctor Ron Ananian
Pastor Rick's Daily Hope
ETF Prime
Bloomberg Masters in Business
Bogleheads on Investing
Jill on Money
Comedy - Conan O'Brien needs a friend.
Comedy - So Sez Rick - A guy I grew up with, so maybe that's a more personal podcast to stay connected with my roots.
Comedy - Car Talk (The NPR version)
Comedy/Entertainment - How I Heard It - Mike Rowe
Comedy/Entertainment - The Box of Oddities

Finance - Planet Money
Finance - The Indicator

News - WSJ What's News
News - BBC Global News Podcast
News - NPR Up First
News/Current Events - The Reason Roundtable

General Interest - Radio Lab by WNYC Studios
Deep Dive into Relevant Topics - Serial - Seasons 2 and 3 are interesting. Season 2 is Bowe Bergdahl and Season 3 is a look at the Justice System in Cleveland OH from a variety of perspectives.
Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Collossal Podcast.

It's not what one would expect. Gilbert's co-host (Frank Santopadre) does much of the interviewing. They focus on entertainers from the past like **** Van Dyke, Michael Nesmith etc.
Lex Fridman.
In a similar vein I'll add Darkhorse podcast with Brett Weinstein & Heather Heying. It's been outstanding during covid as both have backgrounds in evolutionary biology and get guests with great expertise. The fact that youtube has censored them tells a lot about how much disinformation the government & big tech are promoting.
The Hodge Twins (conservative comedy)

Ben Shipero (conservative facts)

Simon Sinek (leadership)

Jordan Peterson (psychology)
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