Used Optima Bluetop battfies- buy Y-N for boat ?

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Jul 7, 2008
Maryland USA
I ran across somebody selling a few Optima Blue top batteries. Spiral cell AGM type. They are the bigger Group 31 size, and are the dual purpose type: they work both for starting and deep cycle. He is asking $150 a pop, and they typically run over $300 each. Manufacture date was about May 2014 on the one he send me a pic on. I am leaning towards offering him $75 to $100 each for 2- he has 4 total. Should I pursue this ? I usually use Group 27 batts, but I found that the Group 31 which is slightly bigger will also fit, and only weigh 3 lbs more than the group 27. Here is the exact item at Amazon: I like Optima batteries: I have never had one last less than 10 years.
I work at Walmart TLE and we had a Yellow-top Optima come in last week, that was made in 2005. I was really surprised. I think I was in first grade that year.... Personally I would not pursue it because the warranty is only 2 years on it. For $100 you could get a Maxx at Walmart and have a free replacement battery warranty for 3 years to come. Obviously that battery lasted well over the warranty period. To me its a peace of mind of a warranty. Theres no way on earth to tell how many more years that battery has left in it.
Optima batteries are not what they used to be ever since JCI bought the company and moved manufacturing out of the USA. Plus you don't know what kind of care or abuse these batteries have been subject to. I wouldn't pursue this purchase and I'd buy new AGM batteries made by East Penn in the USA. More money but you get new batteries and a warranty and most likely considerably less money per month of battery life compared to the used Optimas.
Used? No warranty? Not with my money! As stated above you should consider a new battery that costs less at WM with a 3 year replacement warranty. I had 2 different vehicles with an Optima and they both performed miserably. And these were way back when they allegedly made good ones...
My FIL uses these in his small fishing boat for starting and hotel loads. The wild card is how hot they ever got and how long they ever sat for a while. Are these the light or dark grey case?
at that price the seller should put down the crack pipe. i get them at that age fully tested from a battery dealer for around $40 and a core. if you can thoroughly test them and get them for $50 with no core they may be a good deal. i see a lot more optimas failed now for no apparent reason than i ever have. jci can send their puppets into the forums and spout off the corporate line all they want. does not change what i see in the real world. they went from a solid 10 year battery to a lucky if you get 4. 2 at the garage now at the 1 year mark and just gone. fine one day open the 12.85v but drop to nothing under any load.
Agree. Now garbage. I left a car to sit for 2 years with an Optima blue top in it and it completely discharged......for 2 years. Jumped the car after 2 years and drove that thing for another 3 on the same battery. I wouldn't even turn my back on a new one overnight.
I had an Optima JIS replacement battery all the Prius folks were raving about, it lasted 4 years then the car acted weird. I was expecting 5-6 years of life seeing how the "boot" battery is in the trunk. For the price, I was disappointed. In went a O'Reilly-labelled Deka Intimidator. Let's see how far that one goes.
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My FIL uses these in his small fishing boat for starting and hotel loads. The wild card is how hot they ever got and how long they ever sat for a while. Are these the light or dark grey case?
Light grey case: suitable for both starting and deep cycle work. I think the dark grey case is purely a marine starting battery. Good question.
I have a Optima Red Top in my suburban, and in the last 2 years I rarely drive it. It was made/purchased in 2004, and has been completely discharged over 50 times. Still works fine. Every Optima battery I have purchased has lasted at least 10 years.
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