Used oil used in new motor oil

I think one thing that made NextGen not go over well (at least in my locale), was that is was essentially the same price as the regular Valvoline oil. If it is the same price, then the average consumer was going to go for the regular Valvoline pretty much every time.
In my area, it was a dollar more per quart than regular valvoline. While I was a skeptic to begin with, I soon understood that it was a higher quality initial product than crude. ....still wasn't paying more for it than "regular" oil.
Sure, I see no problem using re-refined oils as part of the blending package in new motor oils. It just needs to meet the performance spec.
I think too many people focus on the base oil content. What really matters is the performance of the *finished* motor oil, this performance is only partially determined by the base oil content.